My life has been full of love, pain, struggles and conquests ~ Since I met my husband, Steve Lowden in 1994 he took me on yet another journey filled with music, creativity and LOVE.

I give you all “Perhaps I’m a Raincloud” CD. 9 originals and two covers (at the end)

We recorded this for a year (every Sunday) with one of our best friends and incredible musician, Walt O’Brien. I’m totally thankful for all of their dedication in making my songs become a reality!

CD’s are $10.00
  1. No Regrets
  2. Ideas, Dreams and Knowledge
  3. Look at the World
  4. The Simpleton
  5. One With Nature
  6. Bleeding Down
  7. Indian Givers
  8. Perhaps I’m a Raincloud”
  9. Lady of the Woods

Steve Lowden – Drums, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals

Walt O’Brien – Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Zills, Percussion

Lisa Commentucci Lowden – Vocals, Keyboards, Mountain Dulcimer

Recorded at Walt O’Brien Studios 2010

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